Our ultimate challenge is to craft for our clients a brand that clearly and boldly projects their mission and their reason for being. The road that leads to a successful branding campaign always begins with listening to our clients. We ask questions about their marketing needs, about their vision for the future and their short and long-term business objectives. 

Our promise is to help them get to those objectives armed with a powerful, new, brand identity that evokes strong emotional connections when applied to print, to outdoor, the internet, television and all other marketing and PR media.

Our Mireles Design portfolio showcases the work created by Jesse Mireles, a specialist in branding and logo design. Our clients have ranged from multinationals to small business startups and non-profits. The slideshow features some of Mireles’ work done during his tenure at Metroparks Toledo, work that centers on nature and sustainability-oriented concepts. 

Mireles’ work includes several designs published in the prestigious Logo Lounge International Identity Books, Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 7 and the Masters Library Books, Volumes 2 and 4.